Learning about Newsgroups, Mailing lists and Netiquette

This is designed as a reference for people who want to participate in newsgroups or mailing lists for discussion of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and related issues.

Helpful Links

NOTE:  The Internet is in a constant state of change. For this reason some links on this page my not be available.  If, at anytime you find a "dead" link, please be so kind as to write to us and let us know when you find a link that does not work.  Write to the Webmaster at The Fibromyalgia Community.  Thank you.

These links have been chosen to help you understand what you need to know and what to do when you take part in mailing lists and newsgroups

Real beginners can start with Clytie's helpful page What's email?

E-Mail Basics Tutorial You need to know about how to use email before you can use an email list. This is a good primer.

From WebNovice:

What newsgroups are and how they work from news.newusers.quest ions

Learn the Net includes a section on Newsgroups - slightly more technical.

Beginners Central has net tutorials including

AT&T Net Etiquette  This is a good article about how to be a thoughtful participant in an email list.

Core Rules of Netiquette

List and group Netiquette suggestions from Sherlock@, the Internet Consulting Detective

Everything E-Mail   Extensive list of links to a wide variety of sites about email lists covering topics from searching to list management resources. 

INTERNET & NETWORKING: Internet Mailing List Guides and Resources
The International Federation of Library Associations and Institution's page is another one of the Internet's classic sources for email list information.

Listtool's Mailing and Discussion List Resources and Links  Several random but useful resource links relating to email lists.

Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists – Other information sources  An on-line directory of email lists and list-related resources.

WebCom Definitions of what a email list is, who uses them, who subscribes and why they are of use to both owners and subscribers

For the List Owner:

List Tips Ezine that includes tips about increasing list membership, advertising within a list, handling  owner duties, netiquitte etc.

Everything E-Mail   Extensive list of links to a wide variety of sites about email lists covering topics from searching to list management resources. 

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Additional resources from Topica.

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